Horizontal is a series of images representing the documentation of a long-standing experiment with time and space. The starting point of this process is the horizon, the most definite boundary in the natural world. The line that sight reaches. Where the earth and the sky merge and divide.

The horizon can never be reached.

By manipulating form and process, the horizon is transformed into an abstract visual component. Isolated in this way, it becomes a building block through which to create multilayered images. These physically impossible landscapes are a structured counterpoint to natural entropy. The rigorous geometric structures at the heart of this project challenge the traditional model of flowing organic shapes found in nature. The boundaries imposed on us by the natural world, contrasting with those we build ourselves as a society and individuals.

The images in the series rely on graphic styling and a minimalist set of visual expressions. Parallels can be drawn with some movements of non-objective art such as neoplasticism and cubism. Experimental work with photosensitive materials is combined with the literary voice to reveal a whole new perspective over the horizon – one that has never been known to the public before.

This selection brings together the results of the artist’s experimental work on this topic to date, with a vision for further deployment of the concepts and techniques in order to curate additional selections which display the evolution of the work in question.