Ivelin Metodiev is an award-winning multidisciplinary visual artist based in Sofia and Burgas, Bulgaria. Born in Bulgaria, he moved to the UK in 2008 where he completed a BA in Photography at the University of Portsmouth. He has developed a diverse practice spanning several countries and has exhibited his work both in solo exhibitions and as part of group projects. The main themes surrounding his work include time, identity, solitude as well as everyday topics, which have increasingly become part of modern life such as surveillance. Building on his cultural heritage and international exposure, he creates work that transcends borders and definitions.

Best known for his large format photographs and installations, he works extensively with alternative photographic processes and analogue equipment alongside digital tools. While his photographic style can best be described as documentary, his fine art practice may be defined as conceptual and experimental. In his works the artist employs a wide range of mediums including digital and gelatin prints, oil and acrylics, casts, and etching. His works have been acknowledged for their artistic potential and sit alongside notable names in private collections across the globe.

A major focus of his latest work is on bold experimentation with analogue photographic processes to the extent that challenges the standard concepts of aesthetics and beauty. This is the price of the constant strife to explore and revise the expectations from traditional photography to visualize abstract dimensions such as time and space. This project marks the transition of his photographic practice from documentary to conceptualism while expanding the scope of his work.


  • Born in 1989 in Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Photographer / Multimedia Artist
  • BA (Hons) Photography Degree from Portsmouth University, UK
  • Living and working between Burgas and Sofia, Bulgaria


  • 2019 “Horizontal” Solo exhibition, Burgas, BG
  • 2013 “New Walls” Group exhibition, Portsmouth, UK
  • 2012 “Lest we forget” Solo exhibition, Sofia, BG
  • 2012 “Vkliuchi Grada” Group exhibition, Burgas, BG
  • 2011 “Vernissage” BA (Hons) Photography Degree Show, Portsmouth & London, UK
  • 2010 “Visual Voices” Group Exhibition, New York City, US
  • 2010 “Document This…” Group Exhibiton of Documentary Photography, Portsmouth, UK
  • 2009 Shoot Nations London Exhibition, South Bank, London, UK
  • 2009 Lumix Awards Exhibition, BG


  • 2012 Dazhdovnica Art Residency, BG
  • 2012 Bronze Medal Fine Art Category, Photoacademica 2012, BG
  • 2011 Student Achievement Award, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • 2010 WS Chivers Award, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • 2009 Shortlisted for the Google Photography Prize
  • 2009 Shortlisted for the Lumix Awards, BG